GDPR Policy

22nd September 2018






This Privacy Policy sets out how SPGT holds and processes Members data


Data Controller


The Data controller is Shropshire Parks and Gardens Trust, Registered Charity Number 1076257


Lawful Basis


The lawful bases on which we process members information are:


1. Contract


We have a contract of membership with members to supply the benefits of membership


2. Legal Obligation


We must comply with the law, for example in sending out AGM Notices


Collection, Storage and Processing of Members Information


  • SPGT will collect and keep only the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of current members. We will not ask for or retain any other information.


•    We will process the data we hold only as necessary to run the Trust and to provide members with the benefits of membership. We may use it to collect subscriptions and process Gift Aid payments; to inform members of events organised by ourselves and others; to send out Newsletters, Journals and other updates on our activities and those of related organisations, such as the Gardens trust, other County Garden’s Trusts; Heritage or Wildlife organisations by post, email or telephone.


•    We will include our name and contact details on all information that we send to members


•    We may keep data in the form of paper records or as a computer database. The full records or database will only be held by the Membership Secretary, the Secretary and the Programme Co-ordinator, but contact details may be made available to other members of the Committee as necessary for the work of the Trust.


•    We will keep the information securely so that it cannot be accessed by others from outside the organisation


•    We will not share the information with any other organisations or sell it on.


•    We will keep the information up to date. Members may update their details at any time by emailing 


•    We will not keep information longer than members want us to and will dispose of it securely


•    We will let members see the information held on them on request


•    We will let members know of any changes to this Privacy Policy.



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