Planning Issues

Shropshire has a wealth of parks and gardens which are considered of special significance, both nationally and locally.  In the 1990's Dr. Paul Stamper identified over 286 designed landscapes of National or Local importance, or local interest.  Those of National Importance are included on the 'Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England' compiled by Historic England and are offered some protection from development which may damage or otherwise compromise their Significance. 

An important part of the work of Shropshire Parks and Gardens Trust is responding to planning applications which threaten landscapes and gardens in Shropshire.  This work has become even more important since the Garden History Society, an organisation with a 'Statutory Consultee' role within the planning system for proposed developments that may impact negatively upon a Registered Park & Garden, announced in 2012 that due to lack of resources it would not be able to comment on all applications within the consultation guidelines.

More recently, the Garden History Society and the Association of Gardens Trusts have merged to form a single body 'The Gardens Trust' which has taken over the role of 'Statutory Consultee' from the Garden History Society.

Cutbacks in the way Shropshire Council will operate in future and changes in the planning system in recent years, also present challenges.  Shropshire Parks and Gardens trust itself is not a Statutory Consultee in the planning process but works closely with both The Gardens Trust and with Shropshire Council to ensure we are aware of any proposed developments so we can  provide informed comment when historic parks and gardens come under threat of inappropriate development.  If you are concerned about any such developments please contact us.

In this Section, summaries of formal responses from the Shropshire Parks and Gardens Trust to planning applications will be published.   An example is given below.

Planning Decision Enquiry May and July/August 2013.  Public Enquiry into an Appeal against refusal  of planning permission by Shropshire Council for large poultry units and ancillary buildings at Flemmings Field, Acton Pigot within 500m of the Grade II listed Golding Hall with its associated historic garden. 

Chris Gallagher, an SPGT committee member who also sits on The Gardens Trust Conservation Committee, presented evidence  at the in inquiry on behalf of SPGT  The Inspector's decision, refusing the appeal, was published on 16 September 2013.  Her findings included 'the appeal scheme would fail to conserve heritage assets in a manner appropriate to their significance.'

Planning Application TWC/2016/0070: Variation of Condition 3 of application TWC/2014/0463 to allow 250 days of commmunity and recreational activities in any calendar year. Chetwynd Deer Park, Edgmond Road, Newport, Shropshire.

Chris Gallagher, an SPGT committee member who also sits on The Gardens Trust Conservation Committee, has written to Telford & Wrekin Council on behalf of SPGT and The Gardens Trust expressing concern at the proposed expansion from the current 150 days a year overall, including a number of very large events, to a total of 250 days per year, with the extra 100 days being used for additional 'Tier 4' access and events at the property.  The letter requests commission of an expert appraisal of the proposals to ensure that these fall within the range of what the site is capable of supporting, and that this be made a prerequisite to the granting of permission, or a condition of it.  To see letter click files/uploads/docs/letters/spgt-chetwynd-park-letter.pdf

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